Information For Authors

Manuscript Preparation Guidelines for the Papers Submitted to Journal of Engineering, RMUTT

Your manuscript will appear in A4 sized photocopy exactly the same as it is received. Please follow the guideline explicitly. English papers should begin with the English abstracts. No Thai abstract is required. The abstract should include a concise statement of objectives and a summary of important results. 

General Introduction

Contributed papers are limited to 6 pages including  all figures and tables. Invited papers have an 8 pages limit. Each manuscript typically contains the following sections: Title, Authors name (Noacademic position is required.), E-mail, Address in details (Give phone and Fax. Numbers, if available.), Abstract, Text, Acknowledgment (If preferred ), References.

Style and format


Manuscripts are typed single space except for headings. Font type should mimic THsarabunPSK #10 (shown  here). Right – hand  justification  is recommended.
Type your manuscripts on A4 (21 cm x 29.7 cm) sheets. The sheet should be divided into a two – column width of 81 mm with a space between columns of 6 mm (a total width of 168 mm). This permits side margin of 21 mm each. The top and bottom margins should be 29 mm.

Title Block

The title should appear in upper and lower case without underlining, centered across both columns. Type the author’s name and affiliation also in upper and lower case letters centered under the title. In case of multi-authorship, group the authors and identify each author by superscript numbers corresponding to the organization which should de grouped below authors.

Headings and Subheadings

Heading and subheadings are in upper and lower case bold letter without underlining, if available. They should appear with sequential numbers, left – hand justified in the column.


Equations are to be numbered consecutively throughout the text. The equation number should be placed in parenthesis and flushed with the right – hand margin of the column. Italic alphabets are recommended for equation parameters.

           a + b = c                         (1) 

Leave a blank line before and after equations. A long equation should appear across the columns by interrupting the opposite column with column-termination and column-initiation bars.


References are to be listed and numbered at the end of the papers. Refer to them in the text as [1].


Figures, tables and line drawings should be positioned  within the text. They may conform to either a one-column or two-column width and must be black ink or high contrast black-and-white reproductions. They must include captions.

Submission of Your Manuscripts

Please submit the manuscripts on the website of JOURNAL OF ENGINEERING, RMUTT (Select Online Submission menu) or After that you have to register to be a member of Journal of Engineering, RMUTT and submit the manuscripts by “Word file”. Moreover, you have to send the technical article form for publishing on this journal back to“” or by mail to “Publication department of Journal of Engineering, RMUTT, Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi, Rangsit – Nakhonnayok Rd.  Klong 6, Thanyaburi, Pathumthani, Thailand 12110”. If no completed on 2 steps such as submission online and send back the technical article form to or Publication department address, your articles will be rejected and cannot be considered.


Your paper should be carefully checked.


Thank you for your good cooperation.


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